You already know your website needs a brilliant homepage design.
But visitors need more than just a pretty face.

They crave content written to their interests and at the appropriate readership level. They expect to find what they're looking for, but don't necessarily want to be inundated with scads of data or overly technical mumbo jumbo. And more than likely, they want to view your website on their tablet or smartphone — not always on a desktop.

There's a lot to consider when trying to meet the needs of your website audience. But don't forget your needs, too. How do you want visitors to perceive your brand? Once on your site, what is it you want these visitors to do? What steps do you want them to take to become viable leads?

It's obvious when you land on a website that seems to do all of this well. From its aesthetics, usability, interactivity and overall value, it serves the needs of its visitors and warrants the awards it has won. You can learn plenty from these types of websites and use them for inspiration to improve your own accordingly.

To read more about one of HexaGroup's award winning websites, download our Paradigm case study.